In 2004, one of Nooristan Foundation's Board of Directors, Dr. Nadir Atash, met with the Executive Director of ImagineAsia, a nonprofit organization started by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.  ImagineAsia needed a partner who could assist in its start up activities in Afghanistan.  Without such a partner, they would not be able to begin their work in Afghanistan. With Nooristan Foundation's recommendation, ImagineAsia focused its initial work in Bamiyan Province, an underserved province of the country.  NF assisted in providing information on logistics and a guide who traveled with ImagaineAsia's Executive Director to assess schools in Bamiyan.  ImagineAsia distributed supplies to schools in Bamiyan and was able to obtain its status in Afghanistan and to expand its operations.  NF has provided information to other nonprofit organizations from the international community who have wanted to assist in Afghanistan's education sector. Given the experience of its Board and experience assisting with grassroots infrastructure and rural education programs, the organization has added value to the reconstruction process in Afghanistan.

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