Dowab-Mondol:  The western portion of Nooristan remains relatively isolated from the rest of the country.  A journey to this region from Kabul currently takes about 4 days, most of which is traveled by foot on narrow pathways.  The lack of a proper roadway has also made it difficult transporting aid and other supplies to those in need. 

The road project was designed to connect the Dowab and Mondol districts in Western Nooristan.  Mondol district is currently only accessible by foot from Dowab and lacks health and educational facilities.  Nooristan Foundation helped build the road by providing materials and transportation with the strong support of the community.  

The road building activities were hampered due to the lack of a bridge near the village of Pier.  Nooristan Foundation completed the road up to Pier and about 5km beyond.  In order to complete the road project, a bridge needs to be built.  Nooristan Foundation has completed the preliminary design work for the bridge and is currently seeking funding for the construction of the bridge.

Frashgan:  There were no roads to this village in the Laghman province making development projects, such as the irrigation, very difficult.  Nooristan Foundation mobilized the community and secured their commitment and participation into building a road to connect Frashghan to Doulatshah.  The distance from Doulatshah to Frashgan is about 12km (8miles).  Nooristan Foundation provided materials, equipment and transportation while the community provided the labor to complete the project.