Nooristan Foundation (NF) supported a number of initiatives that provided for education and training opportunities in Afghanistan from 2002-2005.

Teacher Training: A teacher-training program initiated by NF was a great success.  Thirty male teachers from all over Nooristan were brought to Kabul for training in science, math and technology in 2004. Teachers were given room and board while they received their training.  Since most of the teachers only had high school degrees, it was difficult for them to teach these subjects.  After the program, the teachers received training that will help them impart greater knowledge to their students.

Sarasyab Kindergarten:  NF provided equipment and materials such as beds, carpets and toys for 100 children who attend the Sarasyab Kindergarten in Kabul to initiate its activities.   

Bargematal Boarding School:  NF provided support for the building of a boarding school eastern Nooristan, which provides educational opportunities for students from villages all over Nooristan.  NF provided the start-up costs for the school by purchasing accommodation materials for 20 students, as well as stipends and teacher’s salaries.

Nilaw Primary School:  In close collaboration with community leaders, NF helped to obtain a parcel of land for building a primary school for both boys and girls in the village of Nilaw.  NF helped to provide the materials and labor for the construction to begin. 

Medical Outreach Program:  Currently there is only one medical clinic in western Nooristan (i.e. the clinic at Dowab district).  This clinic is not well equipped and is difficult to reach for most of the population in the valley.  NF initiated a medical outreach service system specifically designed for women and children. NF provided for the funds for a team of three trained female staff from Kabul traveled to the region with medical supplies and provided health services to 1,000 women and 500 children over a four-week period. 

Youth Recreation:  The youth in Kabul do not have limited access to sports facilities.  NF assisted in rehabilitating tennis courts as well as two soccer fields.  In addition, support was given for the formation of two soccer teams by providing then with uniforms, balls and trainers.