Nooristan Foundation (NF) has a “ChangeMakers” campaign, through which individuals or organizations can make items whose sale proceeds can be donated to NF’s programs or who can organize fundraising initiatives.

In November 2008, NF volunteers Mariam Wardak and Iman Mourtaza organized a bake sale on behalf of NF at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  Through their efforts, they were able to raise enough money to support two families through the New Beginnings program. Every penny counts!

If you would like to organize a bake sale or any other initiative to raise funds in your community for one of NF’s programs, please feel free to contact We will provide you with information and guidance. You can become a volunteer and get others involved. This is especially suitable for getting youth involved, who can better appreciate what they have and can learn how to give. This program can also be used to allow organizations to use their fundraisers to contribute proceeds to NF’s projects. Become a ChangeMaker and make a direct impact on the lives of others in need!